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Backpack Of The Future


Vika high school is opening a future-oriented and modern school that takes learning a step further, we wanted to redefine how a school bag can be, so that it fits into the school. Together with the the clothing designers Gargari, we designed the school bag of the future. Scroll through our entire process, and read what the schoolbag of the future and the school of the future have in common.


  • Even Suseg
  • Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles


  • Design
  • Photo
  • Film


Clothing Design Gargari Director Martin Kopperud Sound Magnus Bekvang Client Tante Randi

Also Known As
Also Known As
Also Known As
Also Known As

The future is digital and at Vika high school, students will mostly use digital learning resources, which means that there is often no need for more than one laptop. But some days they have a gym or other projects that require more space, and therefore the shape, function and volume of the backpack can be adapted to the content of the school day.

Also Known As
Also Known As