Many had been looking forward to a summer of concerts and festivals across the country. Artists were to enter the high season to entertain and party, while the Norwegian mail service, Posten were to be the festival sponsor and offer delivery of newly purchased merchandise all the way home. The corona pandemic shut down all events, and all festivals had to cancel. But when something disappears, it allows new things to grow. Therefore, the project E(MERCH)ING is an opportunity to buy merch from five of Norways biggest artists, specially designed by the artist Ma$arati.


  • Thomas Flått
  • Even Suseg
  • Michael Ray Vera Cruz Angeles

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Jury Commentary E(merch)ing
Kudos to a job that shows that changing strategy and concept at the last minute can actually be a success. The solution shows a clear understanding of the target group. The concept plays with established tools, everyone does this in a way that arouses the interest of the recipient and seamlessly integrates the customer's service. The solution is perceived as sympathetic and relevant in a challenging time. For many years, the customer has been afraid of appearing traditional and boring - there is no longer any need.